The Power Of Dreams

See the kid on the fence?
What is he looking at? Airplanes? The sky? The horizon?
Is he looking at all, or is he dreaming?

Well, I can tell you, because that little kid is me many moons ago.

I was looking at the “KLM from Frankfurt”, which had just landed.

But what I saw was a fascinating world, full of heroes and beautiful machines, promising glory and adventure.

I could have spent all day, all week, at the airport sitting on the fence, looking and dreaming.

what did I dream?
and why?
and when?

It must have started then...

Whenever I heard - or imagined - a deep, dreadful noise coming from above,
I ran into the house to hide under my bed, or behind a curtain.

why & when & what:
adventure and phantasy

I must have been about 8 years when I got this book.
I started reading and couldn't stop..

come along....

…on my journey as I succumb to the power of my dream, and attempt to realise it.

what's happened recently

Well, eventually my first adventure came to an end. I put the bird in its nest and pushed it back into the same dark it had emerged from for our “blind date”.

Then I spent two afternoons cleaning her up and putting all my camping gear away.

One last visit to runway 36 and it was time to take to the air again – this time in a big bird for the long flight back.